Due to their design and complex manufacturing, Guido shoes have become the undisputed Argentinian classic since 1952. Mr. Luciano Bagnasco puts a pair of loafers on the counter and, next to them, showcases a pair of elegant shoes designed for the city's social lifestyle. Then he completes the collection with two custom-made shoes designed for a client. “They are all Guido”, he says with a shy smile that hides his pride, and while caressing the leather he states, “they are good shoes. No doubt about it.” He realizes that working with leather can be a very rewarding job, but at the same time, it requires lots of care and dedication. Mr. Luciano Bagnasco learnt the wonder that human feet are and how they are often subjected to cruel punishments. Along with a group of Italian craftsmen, he started the confection of handmade shoes, fabricated with the best-quality raw material. That is how the prestigious Guido shoes were created. The brand is named after one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, where everything began.

Our philosophy is to always select the best raw materials for the manufacturing of our products. Now it is your turn to enjoy the balance between prestige, elegance, and comfort of our handmade creations, loyals to our style.