How to take care of your GUIDO's leather products?

The leather we use is 100% genuine leather. It is a very lasting material and its process is eco friendly and not harmful for those who work with it. If taken care of, it is a material that can last many years and gets even better looking with the passing of time.


 *Avoid contact with water, if so leave it dry away from the sun. 
*Avoid contact with sun. 
*Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects. 
*Avoid contact with any kind of chemicals such as alcohol and others. 
*Avoid humid spaces since leather can generate mold and fungus if wet. 
*remember, this is a piece of art


How to clean GUIDO LEATHER products? 

  1. Remove any dirt and dust by brushing the leather with a soft brush. 
  2.  Apply a thin coating all around the product of GUIDO's shoe cream. If you do not find the correct color, we recommend you to use the natural, colorless/neutral GUIDO shoe cream.
  3. Wait 20 minutes so the cream can be absorbed by the leather. Let it dry. 
  4. With a special horsehair brush polish the shoe by rubbing backwards and forwards. This action makes the shoe seem to shine. 
  5. As a final touch use a soft cloth and rub the shoes to bring the shine out even more. 

How to clean GUIDO SUEDE products?

  1. Use a special suede brush to remove any dirt. It is important always to rub on the same direction. 
  2. If you have a stubborn mark softly use a rubber.
  3. The most important way to maintain your suede shoes is to use the GUIDO's suede protector spray. It will help the leather repel dirt and water.